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Accidental SharePoint Designer 101

I fully profess to know little to nothing about SharePoint, but I occasionally get pulled into setting up little sites or adding web parts for some of my reporting and business intelligence work.  Each time, I have to relearn the start-up steps to create what is needed!  So I decided to record a few of my go-to places so I can remember next time.  I used SharePoint 2010 to document the below steps, but the directions may be applicable to other versions.  Also, these steps assume you have full control of your site. Getting Started The first step is start editing the page rather than looking at it like an end user.  Do this by: Select the Page tab at the top of the screen Click the Edit Page button/drop down list Select the Edit Page option PS. When you're done, do these same steps, except select the "Stop Editing" button. Content Creation You may need to create a document library, a list, or another type of container.  I like to create my content