Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Thanks to the #SQLFamily

I've decided to return from my blogging hiatus for a great cause: supporting the #SQLFamily. I saw a link on twitter explaining that the Microsoft SQL Server team will donate to the Pragmatic Works Foundation based on #SQLFamily stories. I think it is appropriate that my story surrounds Mr. Brian Knight himself. Hence, my story:

I was just starting to become engaged in the SQL community in a little town called Tampa, Florida. I had recently decided to start consulting independently and was eagerly gathering any tidbits of information I could find. I was speaking at the first SQLSaturday event in Orlando, where I was talking to some of the speakers. I mentioned to Brian in the morning, who I had only known a short while, about the new adventure I was undertaking. After lunch, he found me to give me a copy of Joe Webb's "The Rational Guide to IT Consulting" to help me in my career.

Only in the #SQLFamily would such a busy, expert, and community member provide help to an essentially unknown, new speaker with no consideration for himself.

Thank you to the #SQLFamily, Brian, and the many others who have helped me throughout my career, and Happy Holidays to all!