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Reporting Services 2008 Configuration Mistake

To start working with the management side of SQL Server Reporting Services 2008, I decided to set up a report server and report manager. Unfortunately, I made a mistake while setting up my configuration that left me a little perplexed. Here are the steps I took to cause, track down, and solve the issue. Problem: I began by opening the Reporting Services Configuration Manager from the Start Menu. I clicked through each of the menu options and accepted the defaults for any question with a warning symbol, since warning symbol typically designate an action item. After two minutes, all of the warning symbols had disappeared, and I was ready to begin managing my report server. Unfortunately, opening up a browser and trying to open up the report manager resulted in the dreaded " The report server has encountered a configuration error. (rsServerConfigurationError) " message. Sherlock-ing it: I put on my sleuthing hat and went to the log file directory: C:\Program Files\Microsoft

Where is my Data Tab?

I’ve recently had the pleasure of diving into Reporting Services 2008 RC0, and I’m amazed at the difference in the design environment from SSRS 2000/2005! To give a comparison of the designer, I took a look at the BIDS Reporting Services project. Overall, I think this version is more slick and more user-friendly (once I find everything again :) ) than its predecessor. To begin, there is no longer a Data tab in the main frame of the design environment. You can find your DataSets and Fields on the “Report Data” window on the left side of your designer. If you lose your Report Data window, click the View menu > Report Data, or just select Ctrl-Alt-D. Also joining the new Report Data family are Report Parameters, originally found on the Report menu, and Fields, originally on its own window. A look at the new RS would be remiss without mentioning the new Tablix control. From the toolbox, you still select a Table, Matrix, or List control, but these are templates for the Tablix contr

Software Development Meme

I've been tagged with the Software Development meme, courtesy of Andy Leonard . And, we're off! How old were you when you first started programming? I was 13 years old in the eighth grade. I took an Introduction to Programming class with an amazing teacher. Thanks to Mr. Creasy, I've been hooked ever since. How did you get started in programming? My father was a computer programmer, so I guess I come by it naturally. I used to help my teachers work their classroom computers in elementary school, and then tried my hand at programming in middle school. What was your first language? BASIC. Not VB.Net. Not Visual Basic. Just BASIC. How many Millennials can say that? ;) What was the first real program you wrote? Hello world... Or something along those lines that was pretty simple. What languages have you used since you started programming? BASIC, C++, Java, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, T-SQL, MDX... others I'm sure... What was your first professional programming gig? My fir