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SQLSaturday Richmond Wrap-up

What an amazing event. Over the past several years, I have been an attendee, volunteer, and speaker for a number of SQLSaturdays and code camps. Not until recently have I understood the amount of work and effort that an event of this type entails. SQLSaturday events are community-driven events that provide free training for SQL Server DBAs, developers, and BI professionals. Started in 2007 as the brain child of Andy Warren, Steve Jones, and Brian Knight, the brand has recently been acquired by PASS , the Professional Association for SQL Server. On April 10, 2010, Richmond, VA put on a SQLSaturday at the local ECPI College of Technology. Thank you so much to the speakers, sponsors, and volunteers who made this event possible. A huge thanks goes to the leadership team of Andy Leonard, Kevin Israel, Ron Deskins, and Steve Fibich who put in many hours of work! As most of these wrap-ups go, I feel there were some things that we could have done better, and I wanted to share my thought

Different Items per SSRS Column Group

I had an interesting reporting scenario posed to me that I thought I would share!  (The actual business information has been changed to protect the innocent.)  In this scenario, we own multiple stores that sell a dozen or so products.  We would like a report that shows the type of products that each store has sold on a particular day.  Keep in mind that we could start stocking new products at any time, and we would still like our report to work. Here is our existing data for the database: 3/4/2010 Sports-R-Us Virginia Softball Glove 12/15/2009 Sports-R-Us Virginia Tennis Racquet 12/15/2009 Sports-R-Us Virginia Dartboard 6/6/2009 Sports-R-Us Virginia Fishing Pole 6/6/2009 Games And More Virginia Canoe 2/21/2010 Games And More Maryland Pool T