Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Learn Reporting Services in a Day!

I am excited to be presenting a pre-conference session at the Atlanta SQLSaturday on April 13, 2012.  The session is entitled Learn Reporting Services in a Day! and is a full day introduction to SSRS 2008 R2.  It costs $99.00 through March 15, and $109.00 after that.  There are only 16 seats left, so don’t hesitate to sign up here:


In addition, there is a full slate of sessions on April 14, 2012, including my session: Report Parts: Increasing Productivity Since 2008R2.

Here is the information about the pre-conference session:

SQL Server MVP, Jessica M. Moss, presents an exciting, introductory, full day training session on SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2. In the three-part class, Jessica will teach you how to build reports from the ground up. In Part 1, learn the basics of report development, including picking a report development tool and creating your first report. Part 2 delves into visualizations, groupings, and drill-down functionality. Finally, Part 3 highlights core administration tasks in Reporting Services. In addition, Jessica will point out industry-wide best practices for report development and show numerous live demos using a variety of data sources.


101: The Basics

  • Introduction
  • Report Builder vs. BIDS
  • Data Sources & Datasets
  • Set Reports
  • Additional Toolbox Items
  • Interactive Exercise A


201: Intermediate

  • Visual Reports
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Grouping/Sorting
  • Parameters/Filters
  • Calculated Expressions
  • Drill-Down and Drill-Through
  • Interactive Exercise B



  • Configuration Modes
  • Report Manager
  • Deployment
  • Delivery
  • Security

I look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Displaying Images from Analysis Services

One of the things we love in business intelligence is pretty pictures. We want to be able to show graphs and KPIs that really highlight information and direct people to an accurate conclusion. We also want to be able to show images that help tell a story, such as a picture of a certain location or the logo for a store. Analysis Services provides the functionality to show images, but it’s a little buried. Let’s walk through the steps of making it easier for you to access! Our final product will look like this:


Setting up Analysis Services to show the image

Let’s work with the AdventureWorks 2008 R2 sample database and Analysis Services cube. In the product dimension, there is already an attribute in the database and Analysis Services cube called LargePhoto with a data type of varbinary(max). This contains an image that is associated with each product in the dimension. In fact, in the Analysis Services dimension, we can see that it has been set up so that the ValueColumn for that attribute uses that value, while the key (and by default, the name) column uses the surrogate key of the product dimension.

To make the logo as accessible as possible, we want to include the value as a measure. This will allow report developers to drag and drop the value directly onto their query pane in Reporting Services.

Let’s create a measure called [Product Photo] with the expression:

[Product].[Large Photo].MEMBER_VALUE

Using the image in Reporting Services

After building and deploying the new cube, we can set up our SSRS dataset.


We use the dataset in a table that contains Products in the first column’s detail row, and an image in the second column’s detail row. Set up the image properties as shown here:


This will use the photo associated with that product to display as an image for each row, and you get the final product as shown above!

Version used: SSAS 2008 R2, SSRS 2008 R2, Report Builder 3.0