Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sitting on the beach in Pensacola

The SQLSaturday phenomenon is taking over the nation!  I was honored to be selected to give a presentation at the Pensacola event on June 6, 2009 on PerformancePoint Server 2007 M&A (I'm still waiting to hear more information about next version incorporated with SharePoint :))  I had a great time seeing the SQLSaturday crew, old friends, and meeting some new friends!

While I was down in beautiful Pensacola, I was also thrilled to participate in the third episode of the It's All About The Tools TV Show!  I gave a demonstration on the SSIS 2008 data profiling tools - you can check it out here: Fustino and Stan Schultes put on a great show that I'm sure you're going to enjoy!

I really enjoy speaking at events and sharing information on data warehousing and the Microsoft business intelligence suite.  I’ll warn you in advance that I prioritize engagements based on the shortest distance to water, sunshine, and community -- and not necessarily in that order :)

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Unknown said...

Wow Jessica.. I am really shocked and taken by your professional experience. I also work with SQL Server, I am Microsoft Certified DBA as BI Certified.

I got to be honest with you.. besides your dashing face... you really know nuts and bolts about SQL Server and I wish I would a bit of the knowledge you have. Well you had been even showing up on tv.. cool.

I also used to be on TV in the past, but as a soccer player. Now show up on TV programs and present/instruct what you like the best.. it is just amazing.

I wish you all the best and believe or not... I BECAME your fan number 1... if any other person says he is your fan... please do not believe in this guy because I am the only one so far and that is it.