Monday, January 5, 2009

Presentation References

Over the past two months, I had the honor of presenting at many user groups and conferences. I wanted to put together some information for those who attended (and for those who were unable to attend!).

If you saw either "Building Reports in SQL Server Reporting Services 2008" or "New Features of SQL Server Integration Services 2008" and are excited to get your hands on a SQL Server 2008 instance, but your company won't upgrade... you can download a free trial/evaluation version from Microsoft. Maybe you can even show your boss some of the things you learned from my presentation!

@AndyLeonard: “You got your SSIS in my Twitter!”
@JessicaMMoss: “You got your Twitter in my SSIS!”
[Previous dialogue shamelessly stolen from Brent Ozar's blog because it's a perfect lead-in to...]

For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter, it's a micro-blogging tool / social network platform that has completely taken off over the past year. Andy Leonard invited me to join in his "once-a-decade" great idea, using SSIS to write to Twitter! You can download the current version of the SSISTwitterSuite from CodePlex.

PASS puts on the largest SQL Server and Business Intelligence conference. If you attended, you can download the slides for both "SSIS Scripting" and "Building an SSIS Management Framework" (which I co-presented with Rushabh Mehta) by logging into the summit site. As an attendee, you can also purchase a DVD of all of the sessions. If you are interested in the SSIS Framework discussed during the presentation, contact Solid Quality Mentors.

This was my second time speaking at the DevTeach/SQLTeach conference in Canada, and I was thrilled to speak on SSIS, SSRS, and Data Mining in Office 2007! If you attended the conference, you can sign in and download the slides and custom component code. If you have an inkling to work with the data mining tools, check out

Finally, the SQLPASS BI SIG Data Mining webcast was recorded. Once it is available, you should be able to listen to it at:

I look forward to speaking at more events in the future!


Anonymous said...

I had the priviledge of seeing Jessica present at two conferences this year. Another "must see" presenter. She brings energy and excitment to the material. No wonder she is on the top 10 list of speakers at DevTeach \ SQL Teach.

Brent Ozar said...

Hahaha, glad you liked the peanut butter reference. I was laughing so hard when I wrote it - glad I wasn't the only one who found it amusing!